Getting Things Done With Women, By Women, For Women






Sisters in Christ  is a life enrichment network encompassing the necessary building block for total restoration. The focus of the network is to use a collection of resources, knowledge, skills and experiences of spiritually focused business women from various educational, occupational and denominational backgrounds.

In an effort to rebuild the lives of women who are in crisis we thrive to restore a meaningful purpose in their lives to provide the necessary tools and steps to lead them to a life which has been transformed in mind, body and soul so that they can fulfill their destiny.

This purpose will be accomplished by providing mentoring, educational workshops and seminars, life skills training and through the addition of a transitional living home.


To assist women in rebuilding their lives, helping to identify their purpose and providing support in ways that promote physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness.


Sisters In Christ is a life enrichment network encompassing the necessary building blocks for the total restoration of women.



Sisterhood in it self is a force. True sisterhood cannot be forced; but is rather built over time.  True sisterhood is established in love, developed with patience, nurtured by reciprocity and secured by purpose. Every woman has the capacity to be a sister. Sisters respect each other and support each other. As sisters we may stumble and fall, but with the help of our sisters we can be picked up again and restored. Sisterhood knows no boundaries, no race, no class, or geography.  Sisterhood transcends and it transforms us for the better. Sisterhood has no boundaries (race, class or geography).  Sisterhood transcends and transforms us for better of ourselves and our communities.  Sisterhood is in our heart;  not just connected, but interconnected. This is our Sisters Creed.