Getting Things Done With Women, By Women, For Women
Carolyn’s House of Faith, Serenity House and Habakkuk House
Our faith based Transitional Living Program provides sober living housing to women with substance abuse issues, homelessness, mental illness or formerly incarcerated and are working to rebuild their lives. Our targeted population are ages 18 and older.
Our housing programs operates as a federal 501c3 and state of Missouri not-for-profit entity. This programs assist women in transitioning to a safe and loving environment that is continuing to encourage them on their 
road to discovery of themselves. The women we serve are assisted with the completion of their high school diploma/GED, and exploring if they choose, to go on to College. Should they choose not to attend college, our program assists them in getting started with career/vocational training, learning how to manage their finances, and teach them how to build savings and assets over time.
Sisters In Christ is dedicated to consistently provide high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service. The women receive a safe environment in which they may live and work toward becoming independent gainfully employed adults that can develop their talents, self-esteem, responsibility, skills for employment, civic and social abilities.
The mission of our Transitional Housing Program is to offer a home environment where women can maintain their confidence and self-sufficiency through comprehensive support and training.
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