Housing Overview

We currently serve between 25 and 40 women in our Transitional (Faith Based) Living Program.

We are currently in need of various items for our programs. Consider donating using the link below.


The program manages (3) houses, Carolyn’s House of Faith, Serenity House and Habakkuk House. We operate as a federal 501c (3) and state of Missouri not-for-profit entity. In the Transitional Living Program, women encounter a trauma free environment and sisterhood that catapults them into their intended purpose and best self. We teach healthy coping skills and strategies to minimize substance abuse, strengthen their relationships, and cope with life’s stressors, challenges, and disappointments. We also ensure the women share in the decision-making process of their recovery and remain actively involved in setting personal goals.

The women are encouraged to increase their spirituality for total healing and wholeness in their lives. They are shown how to turn impossibilities into possibilities and to be the best despite what they have experienced. We provide an enrichment network of equipping women with tools for empowerment and transformation into a rebuilt life of purpose. It is the mission of Sisters In Christ to encourage women to rewrite their stories onto a new page of life. We believe with the right support and treatment, women can overcome substance abuse and mental health issues, reclaim her sense of self, and get her life back on track.