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With Women,

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Sisterhood Creed

Sisterhood in itself is a force. True sisterhood cannot be forced; but is rather built over time. True sisterhood is established in love, developed with patience, nurtured by reciprocity, and secured by purpose. Every woman has the capacity to be a sister. Sisters respect each other and support each other. As sisters we may stumble and fall, but with the help of our sisters we can be picked up again and restored. Sisterhood knows no boundaries, no race, no class, or geography. Sisterhood transcends and it transforms us for the better. Sisterhood has no boundaries (race, class, or geography). Sisterhood transcends and transforms us for the better of ourselves and our communities. Sisterhood is in our heart; not just connected, but interconnected. This is our Sisters Creed.

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Beacon of Light Int’l Ministries Inc.
By His Stripes Ministry
New Life in Christ International Ministries